Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mira is a big sister now!

A whole lot of changes have happened since our last blog update! Our most exciting news--we added a new family member: Maksym Miles Joachimiak! Mira is a great big sister to her new little brother, she really loves him a lot! Here is a collection of pictures since the last blog entry. We went to Chicago for Christmas and Mira enjoyed her time with Babcia and Dziadek:
Visiting with Grandma Gail and Auntie Georgia in Madison:
Mira opening Christmas presents with Grandpa Steve:
In the spring Mira took a gymnastics class and enjoyed it VERY much!:
Being a silly kid in her tutu:
Mira looking very grown up and beautiful at Easter time:
Mira celebrating her 3rd birthday with friends:
Mira making bubbles at a friend's house:
Welcoming Maksym!
Mira says "I love my little brother":
Mommy and Maks--Mira actually took this picture of us!:
Maks at 3 weeks old:
Maks getting a bath outside, Mira is a good helper!:
Some recent pictures of Maks at 4 weeks old:
Mira has enjoyed watching the summer London 2012 olympics! She did her own rhythmic gymnastics ribbon routine while watching the same event on TV:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mira's very busy summer and fall...

Many apologies for taking so long to update you all on Mira's latest pictures! We have had quite an exciting summer and fall! Mira is such a big girl these days now that she is TWO! She has great language skills and talks constantly (and even has great manners, such as saying "please, thank you, and you're welcome")! She has started potty training and only wears pull-ups (training pants) at night (hurray!). She loves to dance to music, play with her toys, and she especially likes to watch animated Disney movies as a weekend treat. Most recently, she figured out how to climb out of her crib, so we took the front rail off of the crib to convert it into a big-girl toddler bed! Here is a glimpse of all the things that Mira has been up to since the blog was last updated...
In May we took Mira on her first trip abroad; we visited family in Poland and then went to France for Grandpa Steve and Maryline's wedding. Getting love from Prababcia (Great Grandma) Mirka
On a walk near Promno
Using her new garden tools in Promno
Happy bath time at Agnieszka and Bartek's house
Showing Pradziadek (Great Grandpa) Marian her new baby and stroller
Most of the time Mira wanted to play instead of eat!
Mira in downtown Poznan
Out for a celebration dinner in Poznan--a nice family picture!
Despite this meltdown in the middle of the Munich airport on the way to Bordeaux, Mira traveled quite well (thanks mostly to the iPad)!
In France it was very warm, so Mira didn't wear much clothing
Playing under the flags at Grandpa Steve and Maryline's wedding
After the wedding she took off her dress and played in the dirt!
Then she posed with us for a nice family photo with the new husband and wife!
Back at home Mira loves playing in her new tent from Dagmara and Manuel
The tent gave her crazy static hair!
Not long after returning from Europe we celebrated Mira's birthday. Happy Birthday Mira--turning two!
In her birthday dress on the way to daycare
Wearing her birthday crown from daycare
Riding her new birthday bike
Later in June we went to Sacramento to celebrate Ben's birthday
Hanging out with her buddy Ben
For the 4th of July we went to Big Trees in Arnold, CA. It was very hot so we spent a lot of time in the water--Mira LOVES the water.
In late July we went back to Seattle to visit some friends. Relaxing at Brad and Grace's house
Showing off her sunglasses
Meeting baby Jonah, she really loved holding him
The rest of the summer was filled with all sorts of fun activities! Playing in the backyard with her buddy Zoe
At the Monterrey Bay Acquarium
Enjoying the rides at Happy Hollow
On the carousel this giraffe is her favorite animal
Eating ice cream with Eli
She sure loves ice cream!
Playing at the beach with the twins Leila and Sophia
In the driver's seat (already!) wearing Tata's sunglasses and eating string cheese
At her first Jazz concert at Stanford
For Labor Day we camped at South Lake Tahoe with Leila and Sophia
Mira insisted on swimming in Lake Tahoe even though the water was very cold!
Mira with the flamingos at the San Francisco Zoo
In August, her Auntie Georgia came for a visit
These days, Mira and Coco are becoming better friends
Coco even tolerates a little bit of petting!
Learning to eat Pho noodles with chopsticks--she's pretty good!
Watching Cinderella with her favorite animal Lala