Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mira's on a "roll"

At the beginning of this month Mira finally met her Aunt Clara who visited us all the way from Shanghai! We also went to San Francisco to watch a Badger Football game with some good WI friends at the house of our newlywed friends Alex and Jess Queen. Steve, Danielle, and Ben drove in from Sacramento, while Pete, Gwyn, and 8 m.o. Finn drove up from LA. These days Mira spends time playing on her belly (getting "tummy time"), and is very adept at rolling over from her back onto her tummy. She even laughs! Check out these videos and pictures of Mira:

Daddy making Mira laugh!

Tummy time. Mira enjoys checking out the textures on her activity mat (a wonderful gift from Steve, Danielle, and Ben!!).

Mira exhibiting her rolling over skills.

A precious face!

Mira and Aunt Clara getting acquainted

Sisters! Saying goodbye to Clara...

Finn and his daddy Pete

Jess and their awesome new buddy Marvin

Steve and Danielle with Mira

Mira and Finn playing together

Mommy and Mira watching the game together

So cute on her tummy (complete with drool dripping from her chin)!

Hanging out with Daddy, chewing on her fist, of course!

Playing with Mommy

Playing with Daddy