Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our little daredevil

Mira likes to show off her adventurous side by standing on her rocking moose.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The holidays came and went...

The holidays were wonderful this year! Lots of visiting with family and friends, but mostly we enjoyed getting to spend all day-- every day--with Mira for two weeks! She showcased her sparkly personality everywhere we went, and we had a blast!

We had Thanksgiving in Sacramento...
At the park

Trying to throw the Chuk-it for Buster

A nice family photo at dinner

In Madison for Christmas...
Aunt Clara helping Mira eat her crayons

With Grandma Gail

Looking at presents with Grandpa Steve

Peekaboo with Grandpa Steve

Hamming it up with Mommy, Grandpa Steve and Maryline

Sporting her new Bucky Badger hat

In Chicago for Christmas...
Playing with Dziadek Andrzej

Reading with Babcia Grazyna

Posing for me in front of the tree

Christmas Eve dinner

Wondering who all those presents are for

Opening presents

First time playing in the snow. It was a beautiful white Christmas!

In Sacramento for New Years Eve...
Mira tried to be one of the big kids

Finally back at home...
Being cute

Attack of the green crayon

The mischievous green goggle girl appears!

At Happy Hollow Zoo Mira liked petting the goats