Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting big fast!

This week Mira is 17 weeks old, and we just can't believe that more than 4 months have passed since she came into the world. Now that her colic phase has passed, she is more and more fun to interact with each day. She loves to smile and engage us in long conversations. She drools like crazy, but still hasn't cut the two bottom teeth that can be seen just below the gums. She recently has started to lose the dark hair she was born with and is now sprouting a bunch of new blond hairs underneath. Her eyes have also started to change, but it isn't clear yet whether she will have green or brown eyes. Here are a few recent videos and pictures so you can see how big she has gotten.

Too cute in her new hat!

Mira and Mommy having a very important conversation.

Hanging out on Labor Day

We went to Sacramento to visit our dear friends the Williamsons. It was hot, so we spent some time without any clothes.

Sometimes Mira likes the view from upside down. Here she's hanging out with Wujek Marcin.

Enjoying some time in the carrier with Daddy.

A well fed baby... look at those elbow dimples!

Some close-ups for Grandpa Steve since he likes to get a good look at her face.

She likes to entertain herself by chewing on her fingers/fist a lot. It probably makes her gums feel better.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

She's a busy girl!

Here are some recent videos for your enjoyment!

Getting entertained in the carrier!

Enjoying her infant rocking chair with toys.

Smiling in her swing!