Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mira: the non-stop chatterbox

Wow, Mira keeps us BUSY these days! She talks and talks and TALKS! It's very fun, funny, and challenging at the same time. Here are a few pictures from the last few months...

Giving me some attitude in the car (she HATES sitting in her carseat and would much prefer to drive)! She even tells me to put my seatbelt on and where to put the keys.

Digging in the sand at Half Moon Bay in early February.

The grandparents came for a visit in February and we had a LOT of fun!
With Dziadek Andrzej

With Babcia Grazyna

With Grandpa Steve

We went out for sushi

So happy playing with "Ga-dek," "Ba-Ba," and "Eve"

And we went to Happy Hollow

In March Bartek came for a visit

In Dry Creek Sonoma for Mommy's birthday Mira played with Ben in the hotel

Playing at home

Playing in the backyard with the animals is a favorite activity