Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a summer!! Finally more pictures!!

It has been one heck of a summer! We've been so busy for the last few months that the blog has been neglected a bit--but, fear not, we've got a fresh batch of pictures for you to enjoy! A recap of some of the events that have kept us busy over the last three months: we went camping in Big Sur at the end of June, we went to Elk Grove for the 4th of July, we saw lots of family and friends in Chicago/Madison for our July wedding, Mira had various play dates with her friends Eli, Milo and Calvin, and finally in August she started walking! She definitely keeps us on our toes as she entertains herself by walking from room to room to room. She's an absolute delight!

Mira showing off her signature grin with nose wrinkle

Camping in Big Sur. She played with Eli, ate some sand, and we enjoyed our new tent (thanks to the Lundins!)

In Elk Grove for the Cedarview Block party with the Williamsons and the Raimondos. Mira LOVED the bounce house!

With good friends Taylor, Anna and Mae in Madison. What beautiful girls!

It was hot in Madison... Mira was naked almost the entire time!

With Babcia and Dziadek in Chicago

The dress she was supposed to wear at the wedding

At the wedding... naked, of course!

Playing with Milo

At Calvin's 1yr Birthday party