Sunday, July 19, 2009

For this purpose

We eat food everyday. It's a seemingly simple process that tends to be over interpreted and analyzed in the culinary centers of the world. Yet the more simply the food is prepared the more pronounced the effects and the derived pleasure. To celebrate a small mark in life (editor's note: small mark = Lukasz's 30th B-day!) we ventured to wine country to search for the true meaning of satiation as interpreted by chef Thomas Keller.

This trip would also be Mira's longest excursion past the radius of San Francisco. The trip took roughly 2hrs, luckily without much crying in the car, and we first arrived at our hotel where we decompressed. We then made our way to Yountville where a purported culinary heaven existed: Ad Hoc (with reservations only).

At the hotel, dressed up in our pretty new dress from Babcia Grazyna and Dziadek Andrzej--all ready to go.

The facade at Ad Hoc, looks very unassuming from the outside.

Below is a series of pictures from the inside, the place is really nice, it seems a little homely and definately not pretentious. The food was great and the place definitely warrants a return visit!

On the way back home we squeezed in a visit at a vineyard.

At Peju vinyards, we had enjoyed a wine tasting.

Pretty amazing marble floor at Peju.

Can't forget about this one!!! Even Coco enjoyed Napa.

Back at home, proper demonstration of the no-cry hold.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Met Ile Arg Ala

For those of you who are not scientists, the title is MIRA's scientific name, it denotes the amino acid sequence that spells out MIRA. Is this really a good idea for a tatoo?

It's been a while since the last post. We've had considerable technical issues with our internet provider (this is not the forum for this) and laptop failure due to coffee spillage (also not a forum for this blog). Needless to say, Mira has changed quite a bit in the last two weeks. We've had another doctors appointment, she is doing well and has gained more than 3lbs since being born, that's a 50% increase!!! (If only the stock market behaved in such predictable ways). Even now, 10 days since the last appointment she is considerably heavier, and we estimate that she now weighs 11-12lbs. She has also developed more of a routine. In the morning she is calm, holds her head up steady, looks around with open eyes, and makes lots of funny sounds. Then later in the day she becomes a bit fussy, which by the end of the night dissipates into a pretty consistent sleeping pattern, although still only three hours at a time. In these last couple of weeks we had several exciting excursions, a 4th of July picnic in the panhandle portion of Golden Gate park and visit from Dziadek Andrzej and Babcia Grazyna. Here is a collection of pictures from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Sleeping in the car seat.

At Pizza Nostra in SF, looking good but only sort of well behaved.

Posing for the camera in the Pfeffer lab. Already being indoctrinated to eat vegetables, the war between fast food and vegetables wages on. Which side are you on?

Strolling on Stanford campus.

When we can't pacify her in the car she is administered the pacificier.

Sleeping in the car seat on our walk at Half Moon Bay.

Babcia Grazyna strolling with Mira at Half Moon Bay.

Following a bath, nice and clean.

Nice and calm in Dziadek Andrzej's arms.

Are burrito's really a California invention?

This is the best baby hold ever, she never cries when you hold her like this, probably because she likes some pressure on her belly.

Getting into the anti-colic position...

She does not like this hold so much.

Babcia Grazyna attempting to administer the bottle. She has to get used to this to survive daycare.

Sleeping outside in her Peapod travel bed (tent), complements of Peter, Ryan and Maika of the Pfeffer lab.

Laying in her crib for the first time!! She really likes the soft bedding, compliments of Suzanne!

Still in the crib, second picture.

All dressed up wearing hand-knit booties, compliments of Laurel (did Gautam help? I don't think so)

So cute

Still so damn cute