Saturday, August 29, 2009

FINALLY... more pictures

Ok, ok, ok. We know. It's been a really long time since we posted new pictures. Well, fear not, new pictures are finally here! Enjoy...

Mira and Coco napping together.

In July, our Seattle friends Brad and Grace came for a short visit. Mira and Grace getting acquainted.

For her Daddy's big 3-0 we surprised him in lab with a cake.

To celebrate Lukasz's birthday and Ciocia Ania's name day we went to Umi for sushi in San Francisco.

In one of her adorable outfits from Ally.

Already a UW fan, thanks to Grandpa Steve for the Badger jammies!

Sporting her Badger socks!

Not so happy about wearing her "bear" hat after a bath, but cute anyway!

Sucking her thumb... and getting tired.

Finally asleep.

Enjoying her pink jumper from Poland in the swing. She really loves this swing!

On Daddy's shoulder.

Wearing her beautiful green sweater onsie from Babcia Grazyna and Dziadek Andrzej in her Bumbo chair!

So beautiful in her green dress from Babcia Grazyna and Dziadek Andrzej.

Helping Daddy cook zurek.

Drooling on Daddy's arm, one of her favorite activities.

Our friends Loren and Betsy visited with their dog Sammie. Coco sure was happy to see them!!

Then, Grandma Gail and Aunt Georgia came for a week. Mira and Georgia hanging out.

Grandma Gail and Mira getting acquainted.

Grandma Gail did a great job helping to entertain Mira by carrying her around in the baby carrier...

A lot!

Even Coco got a ride in a baby carrier!

More cuteness in the Bumbo chair.

We went to Half Moon Bay so Grandma Gail and Aunt Georgia could see the coast.

It was beautiful, but Mira was less than enthralled.

We also toured Stanford campus. Grandma Gail, Aunt Georgia, and Mira in front of the Memorial Church.

Aunt Georgia hammed it up with the "Gay Liberation" sculpture on campus.

After Grandma Gail and Aunt Georgia left, we flew to Casper WY to visit with our dear friends Nicky and Anna.

Anna let Mira swing in her swing.

And sit in her Bumbo chair. Anna was very good at sharing!

Mira's last morning in Casper.

Upon returning home, Mira started daycare and Mommy went back to work full time. It was a big transition, but the first week went very smoothly. These days Mira spends a lot of time smiling, drooling, working on cutting her two bottom teeth, and having lots of conversations about "ggguhhh" and "aggooo"!

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