Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost 6 months old!

Mira seems to be developing at lightning speed these days! Only a few weeks ago she was working hard to perfect her hand-eye coordination... now it's almost impossible to keep her from grabbing everything in sight! She wants to explore every color and texture that her hands encounter, and of course everything goes right into her mouth as part of her "exploration"! She continues to enjoy eating solid food, and has expanded her diet beyond rice cereal. It now includes pear, sweet potato, banana, and avocado. Here's a few extra pictures and a great video that really captures her happy, active daytime mood... Enjoy!

Mira doing three of her favorite things at the same time-- talking, smiling, and grabbing her feet! (Big thanks to Brian and Becky for the super cute hoody Mira is wearing here, it finally fits!)

A few more pictures from halloween.

Getting some evening rice cereal from Daddy.

Meeting 6 week old baby Eli for the first time (I can't believe they are so close in size for being 4 months apart in age!).

Showing off her very nice fall jacket from Babcia Grazyna and Dziadek Andrzej.

She really enjoys spending time in the Johnny Jump Up, especially chewing on the front bar of the seat!

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