Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Banana bread, aka Munchie Poo Poo, aka Pumpkin head

Mira is a busy, busy girl these days. She keeps us running from room to room as she cruises around trying to put things in her mouth that don't belong there (dog food, shoes, rugs, etc...)! She is currently a member of the "one-top-front-tooth" club, and we are awaiting the appearance of several other top teeth. Since we have been so busy going out to do new activities with Mira instead of playing at home, we only have recent iPhone pictures. Here's a sampling of a few fun ones...

Swinging at the park near our house.

Mira playing in the ball pit at Katya's one-year birthday party. Mira LOVED it!!

Eating cheerios at Hometown Noodle while we eat Pho.

This cute one was taken by Wujek Marcin on a recent trip to San Francisco. She sometimes has quite the devilish grin!

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