Saturday, June 6, 2009

The coming days

I have to admit, bringing Mira home from the hospital has been one of the more exciting moments in my life. Coco, our miniscule dog, was introduced to Mira and took an immediate interest in our new special package. We had at some point concerns as to how Coco would respond to being displaced from alpha dog to second fiddle, but what I have witnessed thus far has allayed any concerns. They may even at some point comprise the "Dyanamic Duo".

We took Mira to her first doctors appointment, she has been deemed healthy and even managed to gain a few ounces since her birth, a sign of a "well fed baby". This surely must be due to the streams of milk pouring into her suckling lips. Since arriving home Mira has jumped into a pretty fervent cycle of feeding and sleeping, her stomach is definately expanding as she can sleep up to about 3hrs at a time through the night. In her first days at the hospital she was definately more active at night while during the day she would sleep at seemingly longer intervals, a seeming continuation of her in utero activity. This has started to change, witnessed by her willingness to show the world her beautiful dark steel eyes.

Yet again, a priceless hand gesture!!!

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