Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simply Mira

Our days of bonding continue. Mira is more active. We've also discovered that she enjoys sleeping in a more vertical position, I suppose this may have something to do with passing gases both in the upward and downward directions. From what I have read on the internets this seems to cause some discomfort to the baby, not really clear why, because as adults we all know that this is quite easy to do and for some even perhaps pleasurable.

Actually she prefers Etta James to Etta Jones.

What is the Doc going to say? (Update: Mira has gained 21ozs in 12days, the milk is definately going somewhere!!!)

We've been making a conscious effort to take her on walks and get some fresh air and expose her to new sounds and smells, the most recent park that we have visited is called Byxbee park in Palo Alto. The park itself is quite scenic (despite being built over a former landfill) as it is located directly on the San Francisco bay waterfront, what is sort of strange and disappointing is that it's surrounded on all other sides by commercial enterprises that define our spiraling consumerist society; an active landfill, an airport, a sewage treatment plant and a golfcourse. Of course because it's Palo Alto they've made an effort to beautify it with art installations.

A windy path leads through a telephone pole field over the old landfill space in Byxbee park.

Looking over the wetlands area of the park there is lots of bird life including some white pelicans.

Our new companion, the Buzz, takes on uneven terrain with ease while keeping little Mira well asleep. Complements of Dziadek Andrzej/Babcia Grazyna. With planes overhead, this park does not feel natural.

A nice shot of another large white bird, a great white egret. Pretty amazing.

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