Friday, June 19, 2009

She's got some pipes

Mira turned 18 days old today, she has completed her second doctors visit and is doing well. She gained 21ozs in 12 days!!! WOW!!! Big Baby!!! In the last two days Mira has had two unconsolable episodes. Right away we thought that this could be an indication of colic (of course as new parents we may be jumping the gun but isn't that what you are supposed to do?). The medical definition of colic is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries for no particular reason. The causes of colic are not quite clear, there is some evidence that the sudden onset of colic may be due to the passage of gas causing abdominal discomfort. However, there is very little scientific evidence for the causes of colic, and thus how to treat it. While at the doctors this week we were warned that due to Maikke's ultra rapid milk flow rate we could expect a "firehose effect". This results in larger air intake during feeding, which manifests itself as accumulating gas. There are several ways of treating this; with an anti-foaming agent (simethicone), or using a nipple shield to regulate the flow of milk. Yet another consideration is a rapid growth spurt, these happen in roughly 3 week cycles (we happen to be around that time) and are thought to be cause some discomfort as the body expands.

At this point it has been to soon to assess causality, if it ceases then it will likely be a growth spurt or the anti-foaming agent doing the trick, however, if it continues we may have to explore the colic effect.

Here's an effort to document what happens in the next 24 hrs, can we capture Mira in an unconsolable state?

Sample 1: In a grunty mood.

Sample 2: Maybe a bowel movement?

Sleeping in the new rocking/vibrating chair. She really loves this chair! A wonderful gift from our baby shower!

Still sleeping in the chair, albeit in a different location.

Post-feeding sleepy baby.

Post-feeding sleepy baby in Daddy's arms.

24hrs later, still a happy baby. Not bad.

Lucky to say MIRA has been feeding and sleeping great since the aforementioned episodes!!! She is again fully consolable!!!

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