Monday, June 8, 2009

MIRA: Life of a Star

Mira is a red giant star in the constellation Cetus and was named by Jan Heweliusz (His family made a fortune brewing beer!!!) for "it acted like no other star" due to its variable periodicity and amplitude. She has many followers, some of which came this weekend, to witness her significant increase in brightness and document this event. Jan Heweliusz would be disappointed as he was the last old school astronomer who insisted on using a quadrant and alidade instead of more sophisticated technology such as telescopes.

Here are some images of Mira at her brightest.

Pretty bright!!

Looking great!!

Already modeling for paul frank!!!

Babcia Grazyna z Mira

Dziadkowie z Mireczka

Wujek Marcin z Mireczka

Ciocia Ania z Mira

Ciocia Danielle z Mira

Ciocia Rachel z Mira

Babcia Grazyna, Ciocia Rachel, mala Taylor i oczywiscie Mira!!

Wujek Steve z Mira

Panie z Mira

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