Saturday, June 13, 2009

MIRA milestones

Mira is now 2 weeks old (WOW!!) and is doing great. Ready to spread her super cute powers Mira has already made the 28.3 mile trek to SF to visit wujek marcin and ciocia ania. And yes, she is indeed wearing a cape.

"Caped crusader arrives in San Francisco!!!"

She has lost her umbilical cord stub, had her first bath and her hair has become a better medium for self-expression. She seems to be steadily gaining weight and continues with her intense regiment of ravenous feedings and deep sleep. She is increasingly becoming more aware of her surrounding, scanning with an intense curiosity that no doubt will come in handy deciphering the jigsaw that is life . Coupled to this she has also become more vocal, at the moment still incomprehensible, but with some refinement has potential to strike fear with a shocking epithet.

Look at those big eyes. Still dark but the final color is TBD.

The hair is actually long enough to style!!!! A fauxhawk?

We've found that she is quite fond of motion, whether it's in a car or swinging at home. Recorded on our new (and tiny) flip camcorder, complements of dziadek Steve.

Miscelaneous information:

Frequency distribution of Mira name usage over the last century (US only).

Some more statistics for the given name "Mira", funny to think about how many other people share your name, especially if the number is small.

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